“Your life matters, and we are as committed to improving your life chances as we are for our own kids” [said the President, with a straight face]

Via With “Your Life Matters,” President Obama Changed the Debate Over Police Violence and Race – Mic

My take: The sad thing here is that when scared rural whites see “Black Lives Matter” they read “Only Black Lives Matter” when protesters actually mean “Black Lives Matter TOO” — and this unspoken difference hints at how very close our values are to each other, even when they seem entirely disparate and intractable.


“…however much the west tries to recapture lost ground, the global order will not revert to the status quo ante. There may be growing conflict, but there will be no return to unchallenged US diktat or uncontested economic catechisms. Alternative centres of power are forming. Both internationally and domestically, the old order is coming apart. The question will be what replaces it.” -Seumas Milne

Via All over the world, the challenge to the old order is growing